DouDouLinux - Development contribs

Here a list of contributions on the Master DouDouLinux

What is DouDouLinux ?

DoudouLinux is a community project in which any motivated person as well as organizations can contribute in order to improve it, particularly concerning translations. It is not necessary to get involved for the long-term to contribute, you can just bring what you think to be able to bring. As we have many ideas to develop DoudouLinux, nearly anyone can bring something to our project, this is not restricted to translations. Of course if you feel motivated to participate for a long time, this is possible too!

What I have personnaly done to help DouDouLinux better work on some embedded devices like:

  • Efika Genesi IMX53 (ARMEL/ARMHF) ports
  • Main developers team member
  • Main promoters team member
  • System administrators team member

What ?

DoudouLinux can run on ARM™ processors too, the processors that are used in most of smartphones and tablets. ARM™ disk images are available in the table below. We currently only support Efika Genesi and Raspberry PI hardware. Please note that our ARM™ port is still using the old Debian port called armel. It is built for ARM™ v4 and is not very efficient for modern ARM™ processors. Our ARM™ builds should then rather be considered as a developer preview than a production release. You have to wait for DoudouLinux 3.0 to be able to benefit from the more efficient armhf port (ARM™ v7) and most likely the Raspberry PI specific port Rasbian too.